Employee Assistance Program

Feel supported and connected with a confidential Employee Assistance Program and innovative wellbeing resource.

To support your wellbeing, MCC offers the TELUS Health Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Wellbeing Solution to all benefit eligible employees including priests, religious, lay and members of their household. All services and usage of the website are confidential and free of charge.

TELUS Health offers support with mental, financial, physical and emotional wellbeing. Whether you have questions about handling stress at work and home, parenting and childcare, managing money, or health issues, you can turn to TELUS Health for a confidential service that you can trust.

In addition to counseling services, the TELUS Health website provides access to CareNow Self-Directed Care and multiple types of support resources including videos, webinars, articles and assessments on work and life issues such as relationships, nutrition, financial, legal and retirement matters.

Anytime, 24/7, 365 days a year TELUS Health provides access to a network of clinical counselors through video, live chat, tele-support, in-person and online groups.

Call Now for Immediate Assistance or to Set-Up an Appointment:

Care is available in multiple languages. Call 888-456-1324 to request if you may speak with someone in your preferred language.


Visit https://mcc.lifeworks.com, click Log In using your MCC Employee Self-Serve (ESS) credentials.


Visit www.micatholic.org → click Benefits → Employees → Employee Self-Serve. Within ESS, click on the LifeWorks banner to be redirected to the EAP website.

Mobile App

Search for ‘LifeWorks’ in the App Store or Google Play. After downloading the app, click Log In, enter Code ‘MCC,’ and login with your ESS credentials.

For more wellbeing resources please visit our Wellbeing Resources page.